I never had a dog growing up. I did have a cat, hermit crabs, goldfish, and say the least my list of childhood pets was far from normal. My parents tried for as long as possible to avoid getting me any type of animal that was covered in fur... until I caught a cat at my grandparents house... started feeding it in secret....and then begged them, until they let me bring this kitten home. At that point I would take anything with fur they would allow, but it wasn't until I was older that I realized... there are cat people and there are dog people. Nothing against the cat lovers of the world but.... I am not one of them.

My sweet husband gave me this little stinker as a birthday present almost three years ago and it was the best birthday gift I'll ever receive. His name is charlie for those who have not seen my excessive posts and pictures and he is as sweet as he is furry. 

Working from home can get a bit lonely and he sure does keep me company. I mean this face is almost too much! He even amuses my putting bows around his neck and taking endless photos because I just can't stop myself. That Face!!!!!

Anyone out there have a sweet little puppy they love more than life? I would love to hear about your furry ones ! Names, breeds, favorite memories...... I just truly never realized how much a pet becomes part of your family until Charlie, and now I just can't imagine life without him. 

I hope your day is as precious as these few photos I was able to get away with :) 

X O.