There is something about the fall months that makes me eager to get back into the kitchen and start {maybe I should say try} to cook some healthy yet comforting food. Maybe I'm alone in this one...but having pretty things to cook with gives me the little extra push that I need. When it comes to my kitchen anything white, marble, or copper is certainly welcome all fall, winter, spring, and summer long.  Here are some of the things I already have that I love and a few that I am eyeing at the moment.... 


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Although I am not the best cook, far from it to be exact, there is something about having people you love around a table of food you made that makes me so beyond grateful. As the fall rolls in every year I take a moment to remind myself of all the amazing people i have around me, the love + support we have for each other, and those that have taught me what love truly means. Cheers to a season full of love, laughter, wonderful memories, and well.... lots of {hopefully} really yummy meals. 

X O.