©2016 Amy May Paper Goals

I know I am not alone in feeling that the New Year brings on a sense of inspiration, drive, and motivation. I find myself staring at a blank page while my mind goes wild thinking of all the possibilities of the year ahead. And with the excitement of the year ahead comes reflecting on the past year. Acknowledging the areas that I was happy with, the places I succeeded + the ones that need work; the places I need to grow both personally + professionally. 

2015 for me professionally was such a learning experience. I learned a great deal about the way I want to run this business + the craft that allows me to do this for a living. I realize how grateful I truly am for each client I get to create for. I learned so much about the ways I can be better - but the thing I am deciding to take away from last year is a pat on the back; a high five for doing it....for getting through it. I have talked openly here before about the struggles I experienced before starting this business and those that continue to show their face long after I made that jump. I have often talked about being content with the things you have done + acknowledging them. Instead of beating myself up for the areas that didn't amount to what I had hoped last year, the places that I struggled.... I am going to be proud of what I did and the work I created.

My dear friend + resource for all things fitness + wellness Jennifer Diaz has been encouraging me throughout this past year to be present. To see the good in what I am doing, to continually be in a state of growth - to be better. I could not be more thankful for the ways she encourages me. { If you all are looking for overall inspiration on a well + balanced life you must take a peek at her blog + her instagram. I am inspired daily! } One of the things she has continued to remind me is that taking a leap of faith is never easy. Any good leap has its fair share of risk + reward. Starting this business was such a leap. And the leaps never end... be it a new project, a new style of calligraphy... there is always something to place that fear into what you are doing BUT it is the fear keeps us going. It keeps us motivated. It keeps this business the business I always dreamed it to be: challenging,  authentic, and consistently fulfilling.

So for the year ahead, 2016, I am making a goal to create authentic work; to continually remind myself how lucky I am to call this work ; and to consistently produce quality work that is in line with my brand + unique to my clients. There are certainly many other goals on the list for this year but narrowing down a vision for the year ahead is a good way to keep myself on track. 

What are some of your goals for this year? What are the things you want to work on, be it in business or in your personal life? Wishing everyone lots of love, growth, and success this year!

- X O -